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The average American sees between 3,000 and 5,000 advertizing messages per day! That is huge! So as a survival and sanity tool, we have learned to filter or tune out most of them. Good Graphic Design catches that fleeting glimpse, rivets your customer's attention and delivers your message in a persuasive and compelling manner. It gets past the gatekeeper! We fuse words and images together in a way that triggers the most compelling of visual communications with your audience's imagination. One effective design by Laser Sharp Images …and you have wrapped up the interest of your targeted-audience in a spark of a second!!

Many well-known artists and Graphic Designers Phoenix work their way through the minds of the viewers to inculcate their message with permanence in their wits. Why would they communicate in the form of words, with lengthy descriptions going on and on, when it was easily done by using viewers' visual abilities? An art that wastes no time! Where to find these talented and capable Graphic Design Pasco and Tampa artists? Laser Sharp Images is one of the best possible options.

Laser Sharp Images has visual artists and graphic designers who will create designs that will speak out to your audience. Once our creative way of using images, typography and page layout techniques appeal them; they will be lured to avail your services in a flash! Please contact Laser Sharp Images via the general contact form for more information.

Print Graphic Design

Laser Sharp Images provides complete design service for virtually all print media projects. In addition to our advanced design capabilities, we are also pre-press experts with a deep understanding of the various methods of printing used commercially today. We can work with your printer or work with you with some of Tampa's top commercial printers to find you the best price and product. This expertise precludes unnecessary delays or unexpected quality problems when your job goes to press. Typical print design projects we handle include:

Laser Sharp Images Graphics Sample

Advertising Design for Print:
Advertising is an important task in the marketing of your product or service. In some cases, it is the only exposure to your potential client that you have. Advertising in print, such as magazines, newspapers, posters or billboards, can help build your business by delivering your message to your target audience effectively and efficiently. Back to list.

Annual Reports
When it comes time to present your message and summarize your last year's progress, let us work with you to format your annual reports and shareholder's packages. Back to list.

Brochure Design:
Laser Sharp Images offers custom brochure packages with cutting edge designs, tailored for client. You can be assured that the brochures we produce for you will help you make your point and accomplish the goal you are trying to achieve. Back to list.

We will work closely with you to:

Custom Brochure Design:
Have you ever had to make a decision between multiple companies by looking at their brochures? Here is a test, take a few brochures from different companies, in addition to yours. Lay them all out on a table, and ask a few people what brochure they would pick up first, and why. Back to list.

Rack Brochures - Tri-Fold brochures:
If you are looking to design a rack brochure, we will help you to craft an effective and attractive one. Too many companies use the standard tri-fold brochure for their businesses. If the brochure is not being used as a "Rack Brochure" then you should not have a rack brochure. They are one of the most inexpensive brochures to print, but that doesn't necessarily do the job you need it to. The purpose of a rack brochure is to grab someone's attention, and get them to make an impulse decision why they are standing in front of a rack of twenty other brochures, while other brochures are to pique interest, without making a hasty decision, read more below. Back to list.

Unique Size Brochures:
Laser Sharp Images believes that any business that does not need a tri-fold brochure should have a brochure that is going to stand out from the competition's brochure. The goal of this brochure is not to nudge the buyer into making an impulse decision, but instead get the reader to 1) think about the content, 2) remember what is in the brochure, 3) contact you by phone, or 4) get them to your website for more information on your service or product. This brochure is a tool, not a decision maker. Back to list.

Booklet Brochures:
The booklet brochure is another tool that has a different marketing goal. This brochure, like a website, is more informative, explains the product, service or business. These brochures are often used as press kits, catalogs, company guides, event programs, etc. Back to list.

Business Identity Packages:
A successful 'business identity' is created when the collective of visual tools used by a company are cohesive and define a company's presence. These tools consist of the company's business card, letterhead, envelopes and presentation folders. (See Branding) Back to list.

Business Card Design:
Next to your logo itself, the business card is one of the most crucial marketing tools that you have available. Think of how many cards you pass out to people. Is it a card that people are going to remember? Are they going to pass it along when someone needs your services? Will it drive that specific person to your website? This is a tool that needs to work for you, not against you. Remember, your business card is a direct representation of your company and the product or service that you offer. Let your card leave the impression you would personally want to leave on your potential client. You know the old saying, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. Back to list.

Corporate Style Business Cards:
Laser Sharp Images believes that today, even some of the corporate level executives can get away with a bold card, but most need to stick to a clean and very professional design. This all depends on the type of company, and how the company carries itself. Back to list.

Business Cards That POP:
We recommend that anyone that can, and is willing to stand out with their business card should do so. From a custom die cut to colors that stand out, from two-sided or folding cards to cards made from unique materials, Laser Sharp Images can give you a design that is sure to get the attention, and deliver the impact that will make the recipient remember your business card. Back to list.

A catalog can boost your sales efforts instantly. A good catalog, that delivers a great deal of information, specifications, photos, pricing and more. Remember the purpose of a catalog is to provide potential or repeat customers sufficient information to make a purchasing decision, many times compared side by side with information from your competitors. Let us help to make sure your products and services come off in the best possible light. Back to list.

Data Sheets (Sell Sheets)
are another form of advertising, which are sometimes used at trade shows, placed in mailers, and in acrylic holders located in specific market locations. They provide specifications and product details to answer customer's questions and give them resources for follow ups: Phone and contact numbers, web addresses, even specific discount codes tailored to your target audience. Back to list.

Email Marketing Email marketing:
is a very cost-effective way of getting your message out there. Email correspondences can serve many purposes including delivering your e-newsletter, contacting colleagues with special event information, or announcing the launch of a new product. It's important that your message stands out, is immediately recognized as yours, and avoids the inbox clutter.
(See Email and Newsletter Marketing)
Back to list.

A professional flyer is an inexpensive way promote your business, products, services and events. They're a wonderful, not to mention effective, marketing tool for new business start-ups as well as established businesses with budgetary constraints. Flyers are another form of advertising, which are sometimes used at trade shows, placed in mailers, newspapers and in acrylic holders located in specific market locations. Flyers are a inexpensive way to promote a product or service. You can either add specific information, or drive a potential customer to call or visit your website. Some people use flyers as a way to distribute a discount or coupon to their target audience. Flyers and sell sheet are similar, but have different uses. Flyers have limited content and are focused on a particular statement, discount or coupon. Back to list.

Folder Design:
Presentation folders complete your branding and stationary profile. When you want to deliver a proposal in style, gather up documents for a prospective client, there is nothing like a quality presentation folder, coordinating with your business cards, letterhead, envelopes and overall corporate identity. Laser Sharp images can help you deliver that level of professional business appearance.
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Icon Design:
One way to greatly increase the appeal and aesthetics of your website is to use icons. Icons create a pictorial set of instructions for your website's visitors. Instead of reading text links or paragraphs to know where they are or where they can go, icons provide and easy and intuitive means of guiding your clients to where you want them to go. Custom icons are available to match your site's colors and feel. This also includes favicons, the small icons that show your logo or image when a customer bookmarks your web page, it is another ways to reinforce your brand image.
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Here at Laser Sharp Images our resident artists and designers along with our resource pool of talent can bring the best that graphic design programs have to offer when married with their sheer raw talent. Using programs like Adobe CS5 – Illustrator, Photoshop, In-Design, Corel Draw, and Photo and a number of other cutting edge software tools, we can deliver your designs with skill, creativity and PUNCH! Back to list.

Whether it is a Val-Pak insert, something for your local newspaper, or a custom mailer, Laser Sharp Images can help you create an attractive and effective flyer to help deliver your message and drive your potential customers to your desired call-to-action, whether that is going to your web site, picking up the phone and calling for information, or using a discount at your location. Back to list.

Letterhead & Envelope Design:
Adding a letterhead to your company documents, which are closely tied to your website graphics, is a great way to create a consistent, professional appearance. Many organizations, including government organizations, will not accept certain documents or forms without official company letterhead. Many software applications like Microsoft Office and others have features for you to design your own letterheads. While these are great for those just getting started, they are not great if you want to impress your clients. Professionally designed company letterhead makes a world of difference. Considering the following when choosing a design: Back to list.

The cost of printing letterhead can be greatly affected by the design of the letterhead. For instance, using a colored background can be more expensive than using a white sheet. Also, the amount of graphics used can increase the amount of ink, and therefore your cost.

A cluttered design can distract from the actual content of the letter and will look unprofessional to your clients. Background images, if used, should be faded and barely visible to not be distracting. A Watermark.

Logo Design:
Your identity speaks volumes. Your business identity represents the essence and vision of a company, product or service. It complements and strengthens all aspects of a businesses identity while triggering an emotional response or desire. This business identify or branding starts with your Logo Design and continues through your print, media, and web marketing strategies. (See Branding) Back to list.

MS PowerPoint Presentations:
When you have to give a presentation to a prospective client, to a government agency, or to a group of professionals. We can work with you to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with Pizzazz and Punch! We with help you to refine, and clarify your concepts, your verbiage and the look , pace and style of delivery. Back to list.

Enhance your credibility by providing a newsletter or direct email campaign to your customers. A newsletter and direct email keeps you in touch with your customers on a regular basis, without being perceived as a nuisance. It can serve many purposes such as keeping them up-to-date on your services and products, announcing the completion of a project, or highlighting an employee. It can remind prospects, past clients and colleagues that you exist and may even motivate them to contact you. It can coordinate with your email and e-newsletter marketing campaigns. Back to list.

Package Design:
Whether you need a CD designed for your band or packaging for your new product, Laser Sharp Images can effectively design your packaging to reflect your products uniqueness and make it stand out from everyone else. Back to list.

Custom Package and Label Design:
Do you have a product that you want people to notice? Is your products package outdated, or lack luster? Laser Sharp Images can help you create or recycle your package design and get you noticed. Back to list.

Product Packaging:
Get your product noticed! A good product is only as good as its packaging. Laser Sharp Images will give you a package design that compliments your product and entices customers to grab it off the shelf. Back to list.

Label Design:
Product labels are as important as any package design. If the consumer can't read, or find the information on the label, there is a chance they are going to put the product back. Let Laser Sharp Images help you sell more products, by giving your product a label that will outshine your competition. Back to list.

Photo digitalization and retouching:
Whether it is perfecting a digital image you took with a state of the art camera, or rescuing a treasured memory from deterioration, we can retouch your images for personal or commercial use. Get rid or wrinkles, blemishes, color correct or remove the patina of age. Back to list.

Postcards / Direct Mail:
How are you doing with your direct mail campaigns? What do you currently use for direct mail ... a brochure? postcard? something that gets the attention of your target audience? Does your mailing database get very little response? Do you want more return on your investment? Postcards have proven to be one of the most cost effective ways to market a business. It is highly-targeted, response-oriented and measurable. Direct Mail satisfies many objectives. It can be used to announce Sales & Promotions, Special Monthly Offers, Trade Show Appearances, it can Drive Website Traffic or Introduce a Product. The possibilities are endless. Direct mail is never delivered in the perfect setting; it gets delivered with "junk mail" sometimes causing your piece to be overlooked. With this in mind, Laser Sharp Images takes the time to come up with strategies that will get your direct mail noticed. Whether it is sending a large format postcard, a 3D-mail piece, adding eye catching photos or headlines that grab the reader; Laser Sharp Images will help you come up with the best scenario to get your product noticed. Back to list.

They say good things can come in small packages. That may be true, but big things say it with IMPACT. A poster can showcase you product or service in ways that no other medium can! Let Laser Sharp Images help you find the best way to deliver the big messages! Back to list.

When it comes to delivering complicated formatted dada like pricelists, trust Laser Sharp images to deliver a concise, attractive and readable product. Back to list.

Promotional Products
What are promotional products? Promotional Products are used for many reasons, but most of all it is to keep your name in front of a client or to get your name in front of potential clients. Promotional items consist of many products from t-shirts and pens to notebooks and water bottles all the way to flashlights and water globes. If you can think of it, it is out there. Laser Sharp Images coordinates all promotional product jobs to production specialists in those areas. We shop to find you the best quality at the best value. Back to list.

Sales Sheets:
A sell sheet details the specifics of a product or service you are trying to sell. The sell sheet is going to give the reader enough information to help them decide if they need that item. Back to list.

Laser Sharp Images can create the best design for all your signage specifications, and wither work with your sign company or locate and coordinate with a quality vendor. Back to list.

Technical Manuals:
When you need to deliver a great deal of technical information, specification and sate in a technical manual, Laser Sharp Images will work with you to deliver a concise, accessible and attractive product for your customers. Back to list.

Tradeshow Displays / Banners / Posters:
Utilizing the space in your tradeshow display, banner or poster to its optimal selling power is crucial to getting a passerby to stop and take a look at what you have to offer. Each person spends about 3 seconds to take in what you are promoting. If they don't get your marketing message in that amount of time, you've lost them for good. Back to list.

By putting your company on display in the most professional and attention grabbing manner, your marketing dollars will prove worthwhile. Laser Sharp Images can guide you through the process to determine what size trade show display is most appropriate for your exhibit space and advise you on what marketing message, graphics, and promotional products will be most successful.

No matter what stage your business is in, we can develop a trade show display that prominently describes your core competencies to your target market. We will create or strengthen your current brand identity with our graphic expertise.

User & Owners Manuals:
Once a customer has made the decision to purchase your product, providing them clear directions for how to get the full use of that product is paramount to their user experience as well as for add on sales for your company and return customers. Laser Sharp Images will work with you to that end to provide a win-win experience for your customer and encourage customer retention and referral sales. Back to list.

Web Graphic Coordination:
Our Graphic Designers and Illustrators can work with you to give you the right image for the right medium. There is a huge difference in the low resolution images designed for fast loading on a web site and the large, high resolution images designed to be printed on a 4-color digital or traditional press. Laser Sharp Images has the experience to deliver the right images for your uses.
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