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If you could build your personality from scratch, who would you be?
That's branding: Building an identity that people will know you by. And it's not just for laundry detergent. A strong, consistent brand identity gets you noticed and makes people remember you whether you sell consumer goods or provide professional services.

We specialize in helping our clients create strong brand identities for their products, their businesses, and their organizations. Through the use of design, words, and information architecture, we build a consistent, targeted program that communicates the image and message each client needs to succeed in the marketplace.

This page shows samples of some of our recent brand identity work. To start building your own identity for success, call or email us today.

Your big and experienced company is the best one at what it does. But you cannot explain to your new customers either all your previous successes or the technical details of your business just in a second. That's why having a professional corporate identity becomes so important.

At Laser Sharp Images - Pasco Graphic and Website Design is a valuable ally for your corporate identity branding strategies. A corporate logo design will quickly introduce your company as a serious and trustworthy partner. A well designed corporate image is critical to earn people's confidence and attract new customers.

Corporate logo design: Immediately convey an idea of serious, professional, strong and trustworthy company. Your logo is very important to give a possitive first impression. Corporate branding: Build a coherent company philosophy, and clearly communicate it through all your business assets. Professional corporate identity: Even for a small new business, a professional corporate image will be of great value earning new customer's trust

Branding your business

A well designed and planned brand can drive success in any market and will become your most valuable marketing asset.

The goal of any brand is to build recognition. Building brand recognition starts with the basics, which means adhering to your brand identity guidelines. Every company that has a brand should also have a brand standards guide.

A brand standards guide is the "RULES BOOK" for your brand, covering your fonts, colors, imagery, how to use the logo, how not to use the logo, etc. Any design agency, charity, or publication creating an ad for you, should receive a copy of your brand standards. By doing this, the blueprint of your design will stay in tact. Your brand is more then just marketing materials. Every part of your business should tie into your brand, the type of people that work for you, company vehicle lettering or wraps, website marketing, product design and even the way you advertise your business

Corporate branding has the purpose of creating brand recognition across all the client's printed and electronic materials.

Website, stationary (business cards, letterhead, envelopes) signage, posters, automobile signs and any where else where your logo appears it should follow the guidelines of corporate branding.

Are you ready to create a new Corporate Brand? Contact Laser Sharp Images - Pasco Graphic and Website Design Branding and Identity Specialists through our general contact form!'

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