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What goes into Great Logo Design? A logo design is the most identifiable part of your brand, mainly because this icon, logo or emblem is going to be on every item in the brand. The job of your logo is to gain immediate recognition, trust and to begin building customer loyalty. Your logo creation is just one part of your brand, a very important part. When building your brand identity, you should keep in mind that the logo needs to be different then the competition. You do not want to use the same colors, fonts or shapes of the other companies in your specific market. By differentiating yourself, you are avoiding confusing the customer between your brand and that of your competition. With Laser Sharp Images - Pasco Graphic and Website Design we are skilled and talented graphic design professionals. We will work with you to deliver a truely unique and captivating Logo design as part of an overall branding and identity process.

What makes a good corporate logo?

All good contemporary logos share some common characteristics. Most importantly, a logo must be visually appealing and distinctive. An original and eye-catching design will be more memorable. A good logo should have a style and choice of colors that are appropriate for the company it represents.

In today's market place logos are displayed on all kinds of media. For this reason it's important that logos are scalable and can be reproduced in a variety of sizes and formats. Logos should also have well defined colours that can be reproduced with high levels of consistency.

How to Choose a Designer & Use Your Logo

It takes a matter of seconds for someone to form an opinion of your business and it's usually your logo that helps them generate that opinion. So using Comic Sans font in Word isn't going to give off that professional image. It has always been advised that when starting a new business you should hire a professional designer to create your logo.

In the past it was considered standard to pay $500 dollars for logo and stationery but that rule has changed in recent years. The regular spam e-mails titled 'quality logos only $99, create your own online' reinforces that a good quality logo is regularly undervalued.

Choosing a designer

Designers aren't always qualified and don't have to be part of an official society to call themselves designers. This is why you should be cautious when hiring a designer. If quality is important, choose one with either a degree or more than 3 years experience.

For those on a budget, you can easily pick someone up on a designers' bulletin board to produce a logo for around $50, but these designers are more than likely to be teenagers in their bedroom. For this price you wouldn't expect the designer to fully understand the message your logo should say about your business. For this price, expect a 4 hour job with a fancy font. However, for the business on a tight budget this might be suitable.

Small to medium size businesses should be looking for a designer that will provide you with a descriptive logo that sells your business. The designer should show you past work; it doesn't have to be a logo, it could be any work that effectively illustrates their design ability.

A good designer should:

The Style Guide will be a guide on how to use your logo. Depending on what your budget is the designer may give you a guide of dimensions, font sizes, usage and colors (we'll come to color later). This style guide can also be expanded to show position and usage on different media formats (i.e. the web, fax, etc.). The style guide should be the final thing you receive and should come on CD with all files used.

If you have a larger budget and feel you need a logo that really works for the business, then it's advisable to hire a designer who specialises in logo and brand design. This designer will, investigate your company and provide detailed research work on why certain ideas should be incorporated into your logo. This might sound excessive but many large and successful companies spend thousands on their identity and class it as one of their major assets (i.e. Coca Cola, McDonalds, Target).

How to use your logo

It's all very well having a great logo designed for your company, but all this can be damaged by not using it in the correct way. If you have taken the above advice and have a style guide with your logo, it should be sent to everyone from the printer to the PR person. Have it sent around the office and get everyone to understand how and when the logo should be used.

It is important to maintain a coherent image on all of your stationery. Don't allow the colors on your business cards to be different than those on your letterheads. This is where the style guide comes in. The designer should have put color guides on the style guide that tell you and your printer what colors should be used for reproduction. This is usually the mix of ink needed to reproduce the same color every time a document is sent to print. This color mix is now commonly linked with a PANTONE color.

Are you ready to create a new Corporate Logo? Contact Laser Sharp Images - Pasco Graphic and Website Design Branding and Identity Specialists through our general contact form!'

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