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Redesign vs. Update Your Logo Design< Once a logo is branded and recognized in the public, it is usually a bad idea to redesign a logo at that point. Although, updating the logo every few years to keep the logo looking new and refreshed, is recommended. Sometimes as simple as adding an element, simplifying, changing a font or changing a sharp edge to a smooth edge is enough to update the logo. Examples of companies that have updated their logos over the years are: Starbucks, Walmart, Apple and others. With Laser Sharp Images - Pasco Graphic and Website Design we can engage in a dialog with you to determine if the time has come to revamp your corporate identity.

When a logo is used for a number of years, the brand awareness that is amassed can prove a valuable tool in the marketing arsenal of large corporations. With that in mind, logo re-designs often implement subtle changes to refresh the look whilst considering customer recognition.

The important thing to remember when redesigning a logo, is to maintain the general integrity of the design. If a company decides to completely overhaul their logo, and it is not recognizable anymore, the point has been lost. Companies should still retain the visual recall that they so heavily depend on with their consumers. If they put this aside, much could be lost.

Also, only redesign when it is necessary. Don't redesign a logo because you are bored, or you want a "fresh" start. Often, a CEO or business owner will want to start over, and put the past behind them. This can be effective as long as the process is handled with care. A new look can often signify a new product or service. However, your company logo will only be as good as the product or service it represents. So, a new logo will not mask the problems within a company, but can be a great way to get an updated, and fresh look, without changing the outline of the company mission.

Some Questions Before Redesigning Your Logo:

Pros of Redesigning:

Cons of Redesigning:

Contact Us About Your Logo Repair Project!

If you have your own logo already, but you are not able to use it due to it's current file format, Sure Logos can repair the logo with professional precision, and provide you will all file formats needed for professional printing purposes and web design, including vector versions.

What is the Difference Between a Raster and a Vector File?

Vector files are created with mathematical formulas and can be enlarged or reduced in size without any loss of quality.

Raster files are composed of individual pixels similar to a real photo. They can be generated by an artist with a paint program or scanned-in from a printed original. Raster art is resolution dependent. The resolution of the art determines the size of the file and the "sharpness" of the reproduction. This type of digital art cannot be enlarged or reduced at will without some deterioration of its quality. We recommend a resolution of 300 PPI for printing purposes.

Converting Your Raster File to Vector Format

Sure Logos specializes in raster to vector conversion of gifs, jpegs, tiff's, scans, and sketches into high quality vector graphics. The new vector image will then become your source file from which every needed format of your logo can be created, regardless of size. This raster to vector conversion effectively resolves all issues of pixelation, distortion and poor resolution of your logo design.

Prices for logo repair may vary... Most logo repair can be done for the same price as our standard logo design packages. However, some logo repair can be very difficult, if there is great detail to the logo that needs repaired. Contact Laser Sharp Images - Pasco Graphic and Website Design Branding and Identity Specialists through our general contact form!'

Home/Logo & Branding/Logo Re-Design/-->

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