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Every great website starts with a great design. At Laser Sharp Images - Pasco Graphic and Website Designers, we don't just design a website for you, we design your website, capturing the essence of who you are as a company.

E-Commerce Design

A website with an appealing design is good, but a website that goes to work for you is even better. Create a cost-effective platform to sell your products anywhere in the world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You have a website, you like how it looks, and you like what it does, but how do you get your potential customers to find it? Successful search engine optimization ensures your site is in the right place at the right time.

Pasco Web Packages Starting at $199

Call Pasco Graphic and Website Design to get information.

Call Pasco Graphic and Website Design to get information.

Laser Sharp Images - Banner Campaign Success

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Laser Sharp Images located in Pasco County, Florida, wants to talk to you ourBuilding a successful banner campaign. Considering a marketing campaign and having banners as a part of that takes some planning and forethought. Banners are not a singular marketing solution, but a part of a holistic integrated plan. Let Laser Sharp Images - Pasco Graphic and Web Design help you to design and impliment a successful banner strategy.

Helping you create a successful banner ad campaign

A successful banner ad campaign entails a great deal of hard work and determination from both sides - yours and ours. We work closely with you, understanding your industry and online promotion requirements and work out the best strategy to create stunning banners that not only attract the viewers attention, thus enhancing the brand recall value, but also prompt them to click and subsequently buy your product/service.

At the start of an ad campaign, we need your support in answering the following queries. It is not necessary to answer all the queries since some questions might not be pertinent to your ad campaign.

1 What is your business?

The preliminary things you have to provide us are some details on your industry and your business. We need to understand your business to create effective banner ads.

2 What is the purpose of your web ad campaign

We would like to know the exact purpose of your campaign. What will the banner promote... products, services? Will it ecist on your website to support your message or will it exist on another's site where it will need to stick out from the rerst of the page and capture maximum attention.

3 Whom do you want to target?

Knowing the audience well is of prime importance in creating a rewarding banner campaign. The audience can be people from the same industry, a very specific niche market, or a more general market.

4 Your web site URL

5 Some of your competitors' web site URLs

6 Some of your competitors' web banners

You can either save these banners and send them to us or point us to the web pages that display them.

7 Number of banners

This depends on the budget you have allocated for the campaign.

8 Banner style guide

The web site or banner service (Link Exchanges etc.) you plan to use for serving the banners would provide you with a banner style guide. These guides would dictate the different aspects of the banners such as the banner size, length of the animation, number of loops for the animation, border attributes etc. Please pass us this guide so that your banners adhere to the policies of the ad service.

9 Banner type

We classify web banners in three categories:

10 Size of the Banners

The physical dimensions in pixels - 468 X 60, 234 X 60, 120 X 90 etc. It's likely, you've already chosen the size/s as dictated by the banner space you plan to purchase on the web page that will ultimately display the banner.

11 Maximum file size of the banners

Generally, you would be informed of the maximum file size of the banner by the site on which you plan to display the banner. Banner file size depends on the type of banner you have chosen - Flash, animated gif or static/interactive banners.

12 Animated or Static

Animated banner are created either as Flash movies or .gif files (Gif89a format). If you plan to use Flash banners, it's likely you would probably need the animated gif versions too. You can check it out with the ad service if the style guide does not state this explicitly.

13 How long should the animation run?

For animated banners, we need to know how long should the animation run and for how many loops. Animated banner can be made to run for a stipulated number of loops or might loop infinitely.

14 Color preferences

Should the banner carry the same colors as your web site to help in brand recognition?... You can also pick one from many professional color combinations available.

15 Design preferences

If you have come across some visually appealing web banners, please forward them to us. This helps us in understanding your design tastes much more quickly that a whole page of text!

16 Where would the banners be used?

Link Exchanges, Affiliate programs, or on your web site?...

It would be tremendously helpful if you know the exact web page/web site on which the banner would be displayed. We can thus, design a banner that looks a part of the web site or stands out on the page if there are several other banners on the same page.

17 Images preference

If you want us to include some specific images in the banner, please send these to us or direct us to the web page that contains these images. Rememeber that images from other web sites might be copyrighted. We can help you in locating similar images from our clipart collection or creating new ones photographically or through a custom illustration.

18 Branding in the banner

Would you like to include your web site URL or logo in the banner?

19 Click-thru URL

For Flash banners, you need to tell us the click-thru URL so that we can embed it in the banner. Also should the click-thru URL open in another window and do we need to pass any variables?

20 Copy (text) in the banners

Good copy is the hallmark of a successful banner. In case of animated banners, it would be helpful if you can provide us with a flowchart or storyboard of what you have in mind.

21 Any other details

We design banners that are distinctive in conveying their message, whether it is brand building or a more direct sales pitch. We know that all elements of a banner should compliment the particular product/service being promoted, so we place a great deal of emphasis on the colors, fonts and special effects used in the banner.

If you want to have a rewarding banner ad campaign please contact us.

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