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Every great website starts with a great design. At Laser Sharp Images - Pasco Graphic and Website Designers, we don't just design a website for you, we design your website, capturing the essence of who you are as a company.

E-Commerce Design

A website with an appealing design is good, but a website that goes to work for you is even better. Create a cost-effective platform to sell your products anywhere in the world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You have a website, you like how it looks, and you like what it does, but how do you get your potential customers to find it? Successful search engine optimization ensures your site is in the right place at the right time.

Pasco Web Packages Starting at $199

Call Pasco Graphic and Website Design to get information.

Call Pasco Graphic and Website Design to get information.

Laser Sharp Images - Banner Design Services

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Laser Sharp Images located in Pasco County, Florida, provides the highest quality web banner design services backed up by unmatched personalized customer support. We have created animated (Flash and .GIF), static (.GIF and .JPG) and interactive (Flash, HTML, JavaScript, CGI) web banners for several successful banner ad campaigns. Our web banners have been displayed on sites such as Ebay, MSN, WebSideStory and other search engines and web directories. A good web banner should not only attract the viewers' attention, thus enhancing the brand recall value, but also prompt them to click and subsequently buy the product/service.

What is a web banner?

A web banner can be a single image (.gif or .gif), a flash movie or a composite of different elements such as graphics, flash and or HTML code.

What is a banner impression?

Banner impression measures the number of times the banner is displayed, either on a web page or in a separate browser window as a pop-up or pop-under advertisement. Thus, 1000 impressions mean that the banner has been displayed 1000 times.

What is CPM?

Cost Per thousand impressions is an effective method of pricing web banner ads. It is the cost for displaying a banner 1000 times. Thus, if a banner ad space has a CPM of $10, it means that the cost of displaying a banner space one thousand times on that space is $10.

What is CTR?

Click Through Ratio determines the effectiveness of a banner ad in terms of click-thrus. It is a ratio of the number of times the banner was clicked on by the viewer and the number of times the banner was displayed. Thus, if a banner has been displayed 1000 times and has been clicked 50 times, its CTR is 50:1000 or 1:20. Changing this CTR into a percentage value yields 5% (1/20 * 100); thus, 5% of the impressions have lead to clicks on the banner.

What is CPC?

Cost Per Click is the price you pay for one click on your banner. It can easily be calculated using CPM and CTR values.

Types of web banners

Flash banners | Animated gif banners | Static banners | Interactive banners

A banner can be a single image, a flash movie or composed of different elements (graphic and HTML code). Single image banner can be animated (using the GIF89a format - animated gifs) or static images (.gifs or .jpgs). JPG images cannot be animated.

Flash technology developed by Macromedia to serve rich multimedia content over the Internet has brought a new dimension to banner ad design. Statistically, Flash banners result in higher click-thru rates than other banners. This is attributed to smooth animation and special effects that can be developed in Flash. Though Flash banners may involve a lot of animation, their file sizes are relatively small, as compared to the corresponding animated gif web banners. Also, the animation is much smoother that animated gifs. This is due to the inherent nature of Flash, which is a vector-based program. Furthermore, flash banners can be made interactive, responding to mouse-clicks and mouse-overs.

Composite banners contain graphic elements and HTML code. Graphic elements can be gif, jpg images or flash movies. HTML code is embedded in such composite banners to either bring interactivity or to display HTML form elements such as drop down menus, radio buttons, checkboxes etc.

Standard banners sizes

Here are some of the standard banner sizes commonly used on web pages. While we are not bound by these sizes and specifications, they are the most commonly used. Two other sizes for banners are also in widespread use as pop-up or pop-under ads displayed on separate browser windows: those are 350x300 and 720x300.

The standard sizes for banners have been formulated by the Internet Advertising Bureau.

For more examples, go to our Banner Design Portfolio.

Laser Sharp Images Pasco Graphic Web Design Banner Sizes

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